Did you know Jesus didn’t come for the whole world. Jesus ONLY came for those whom the Father has Given him.
Jesus explains this while praying in chapter 17 of johns gospel. Even though God so loved the world, it would only be those who believed in His son that would taste eternal life. Love is an offer, and not all accept this offer.
You can be invited to a banquet, and still refuse to show up. 
This simply means Not all are chosen. Which means Not all ‘universally’ will be saved by Jesus’ redemptive work. If you read God’s dealing with Israel in the Old Testament you will often see God only saving a remnant of His people. 
A select few. 
A willing few. 
A chosen few. 
Whats interesting about this statement is this - The only people who would be utterly offended by God’s selective nature are those who DON’T actually want Christ and Don’t appreciate God’s sovereignty. 
You will know if you were chosen by the Father for salvation based on an unexplainable desire to KNOW Jesus & ultimately a desire to be more like who Jesus is.
Maybe today someone whom God has chosen Will begin their journey because of that desire. Something in the inner most part of your heart is crying out. “Seek His face, Seek the truth of who you are from whom truly created you” Jesus. 
Psalm 27:8
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  • We can choose the narrow way or the wide way, it’s our choice. Some people would say that God is not being fair, they forget it was their choice and there are always consequences.

    Tammy Peels on
  • What a powerful message. So many lightbulbs going off in my mind. Thankyou for sharing your wealth of knowledge of the bible

    God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

    Abbey on
  • This message is so powerful Nate and so true I have a desire to help people in my community through my love of Jesus and the true word of God I have started my journey and become a better person.

    Michelle Graham on
  • This was a great read. I truly like reading or listening to your thoughts on the Bible. So thank you

    Tonya on

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