Our Most recent Holy Land Tour

Tour Leader Nate Buzolic with some of the spring 2022 tour group. Pictured after visit to the Pool of Bethesda Site in Jerusalem where Jesus Healed the Cripple.

Our Founder Nathaniel Buzolic

His Mission

Nathaniel has a passion for sharing the gospel. He created The Palm sundays Co brand with a simple goal to encourage & inspire both mature and new believers alike to be completely unashamed of the Gospel.

Our Mission

To create high quality Christian clothing that you can wear to represent your faith acting as a simple reminder or conversation started in your everyday life.

"I decided to go alone on this trip & met the most amazing people who became family. Seeing the land God chose to tell His story in & the people God chose was incredibly eye-opening for me & my walk with Christ. We had beautiful fellowship together and it was a glimpse into what heaven will one day look like.

— Hannah Spring '22 Tour Participant